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“Serbian Stonehenge” hidden in Cer Forest: Large circular enclosure is easily visible from the air


The remains of prehistoric architecture are well hidden in the Cer Forest. The site is about 2 kilometers away from the center of Desic, and can only be reached on foot through wood paths and streams.

Archaeologists say there is no similar site in Serbia. A large circular-shaped rampart and a trench are best seen in aerial footage.

“This two-ear cup, as we call it in archaeology, together with cups on a high cylindrical stem, unambiguously confirms to us that it dates back to the early Eneolith, that is, the early Copper Age. What we still don’t know is the purpose of this structure,” said archaeologist Momir Cerovic.

To discover as much architectural detail as possible, this fall, two archeological probes were opened on an area of ​​50 square meters.

“We in the village want to know what was there, we’ve dug up over 100 cubic meters of soil so far,” says Mileta Belic from the Desic village.

More than 300 kilograms of ceramic fragments have been found in the Cer Forest during three exploration seasons.

“Larger-sized vessels dominate, one such vessel, a pithos, we found in fragments in a zone of two square meters, we encountered carbonized grains,” Momir Cerovic concludes.

So far, two expert gatherings and five exhibitions have been organized within “the Serbian Stonehenge” project.

This form of prehistoric fortification in Pocerina is most similar to the rondel with palisades in Springfield, a site discovered in the south-east of England.


Source: telegraf.rs


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