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Serbian students in Vukovar still without textbooks


Children of Serbian descent in Vukovar who attend elementary school “Nikola Andrić” at the beginning of the second semester do not yet have textbooks in their mother tongue.

One of the parents sent an open letter on this occasion to the Croatian Government, the Ombudsman and the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights.

The father of one of the students, Dragan Crogorac, said in an open letter that his child and other students in the Vb class, for example, had only a textbook and workbooks for Croatian, Serbian and English, while all other subjects – geography, history. music culture, fine arts, nature, mathematics, computer science and technical culture – learn from notes from classes.

Crogorac points out that this is unacceptable, especially in circumstances where it is said that other children in Croatia receive free textbooks at the expense of the budget.

– During this time, from the beginning of the year, our children write everything in notebooks and learn from them, or with the help of teachers, get copied sheets from some workbooks – Crogorac points out in a letter to the media, adding that they do not need alms or free textbooks, but to have them, and the opportunity to buy them.

Crogorac also announced that he would seek help and support from his mother country, Serbia.




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