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Serbs in the Federation Are Threatened With Extinction


Serbs in FBiH are threatened with extinction because they do not have the right to a job and the Serbian language, migrants are being housed in Serb villages, and Serb property could be sold for nothing, representatives of the FBiH Serb Association pointed out at today’s press conference in Banja Luka.

Đorđe Radanović from the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Serbs in the FBiH said that 540,000 Serbs lived in the FBiH before the war, according to the 2013 census there were 56,000, and for the past seven years, there were about 40,000 left.

– The parties that are in power in FBiH and the cantons and advocate multiethnicity and common life, have created mono-ethnic and monolithic structures at the cantonal levels – said Radanović.

Presenting the report of the Ombudsman of BiH on the representation of the people in BiH at the levels of FBiH and cantonal authorities, Radanović said that 130,000 Serbs lived in Sarajevo Canton and that, according to the FBiH and Canton Constitution, 215 Serbs should be employed in cantonal bodies.

However, he added, out of 796 employees in the cantonal bodies, only 15 are Serbs.

Radanović called on Serbs in the FBiH to fight for their rights and through the protection of the interests of their property rights, stating that 163 Serb settlements in the FBiH were listed as uninhabited.

– Serbs should turn to one of the six offices for free legal aid formed by the Government of Srpska – Radanović emphasized.

The president of the Association “Returnees” from the Una-Sana Canton, Nemanja Davidović, said that the migrant crisis in this canton is destroying all structures and that it affects Serbs and Bosniaks equally.

Davidović said that Bosanski Petrovac will get a “mini-city”, adding that 3,000 people currently live in this place, while the migrant camp “Lipa” will have more than 3,000 inhabitants.

Speaking about the beginning of the school year, Davidović stated that three regional schools were closed in Bosanski Petrovac.

– In the school in the town of Smoljana, there is a huge problem with the transportation of children to Petrovac, and the national group of subjects that the students in that school attend – said Davidović.

He says that the transport of children from the surrounding villages is also a problem, who have to pay a monthly ticket of 90 KM for a distance of 10 kilometers, which is a huge price for returnees, who are mostly unemployed.

The president of the Serb Civic Association “Posavina”, Damir Ivetić, said that between 6,500 and 7,000 Serbs lived in the Posavina Canton in 1991, and according to the 2013 census, there were about 900 of them.

– At the moment, no Serb is employed in the Government of the Posavina Canton – Ivetić pointed out and cited the case of a Croat who declared himself a Serb in order to become a member of the House of Peoples.

He emphasized that the only help Serbs in this area receive from Serbia, and more and more from the Republic of Srpska.

The president of the Association of Refugees and Displaced Persons in Republika Srpska, Vojislav Milisic, said that Serbs in Srpska and BiH need a broad front when it comes to resolving the migrant crisis.

He stated that migrants mostly settle in the areas where Serbs once lived and added that there is an extreme wing of Bosniak politics that thinks that in this way they will change the national structure and reach some of their goals.




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