Serb`S Uprisings and Deaths in False History Books


    Until the end of 1943, as many as 70 percents of the partisans in present-day BiH were Serbs, while Croats and Muslims made up the other 30 percent. German data show that at least 600,000 Serbs were killed in the Independent State of Croatia /Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina/, possibly, and 800,000.

    On this day, July 27, 1941, Serbs raised an uprising in BiH, which then belonged to the Ustasha Independent State of Croatia /NDH/, and the communist authorities falsely declared that day, for decades, an “uprising of all nations” against the occupiers.

    The uprising broke out in a coordinated on both sides of the upper course of the Una River, in the territory of southeastern Lika and southwestern Bosnia, and in a few days the revolutionaries managed to liberate the area from Oštrelj, Drvar, Glamoč, Bosansko Grahovo to Donji Lapac and Srb /the places in the present-day Croatia/ – therefore distinctly Serb`s places.

    The Ustasha government immediately responded with revenge against the civilian population and thus provoked the uprising in the whole of today’s BiH and Croatia.

    According to the Goldsteins, well-known Croatian historians, among the partisans in the Independent State of Croatia /today’s Croatia and BiH/ at the end of 1941 there were approximately 77 percent Serbs and /only/ 21.5 percent Croats, with a negligible number of others.

    Croats begin to fill the partisan ranks after the fall of Italy in 1943, especially during 1944.

    A high-ranking Communist official, war and post-war, Vladimir Bakarić publicly stated that his colleagues from Croatia and he “mostly represented only Serbs” at the sessions of AVNOJ in 1942 and 1943.

    So much for the “equal” participation of “all peoples and nationalities” in the fight against the Nazis and the Ustashas.

    The number of victims in the Independent State of Croatia also speaks about who really fought against the occupiers, and who calculated and waited for the opportunity to transfer from the Ustashas, the Home Guard and the “Handschar Division” to the Partisans.

    On the Croatian and, today, Bosniak side, only the end of the war and 1945 are taken as a relevant list of the national structure of the partisans, although the Serbs kept the partisan movement alive until the middle of 1944.

    Without the Serb`s uprising in the Independent State of Croatia, there would be no “People’s Liberation Movement”.

    According to official post-war, domestic and foreign estimates, until the end 1943, as many as 70 percents of the partisans in present-day BiH were Serbs, while Croats and Muslims made up the other 30 percent.

    According to these data, at the end of World War II, Serbs made up 64.1 percent of partisan units on the territory of today’s BiH in 1945, 23 percent were Muslims, and 8.8 percent were Croats.

    It is stated that the largest number of men among Muslims died in the ” Handschar Division”, which was formed by the Nazis and the Ustashas, and in the Ustasha ranks – 22,000, while 11,000 were killed in the partisans.

    Today, Bosniak and Croat politics no longer need fairy tales and lies about the “uprising in BiH led by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia”, in which everyone “equally” fought on the side of the partisans.

    The Serbs /communists above all/ are most responsible for this false story and difficult historical lie which turned the uprising of the Serbs, a people over whom genocide was committed throughout the Independent State of Croatia, into an uprising of “all peoples and nationalities”.

    The climate in today’s political Sarajevo, in which Serbs are called fascists in the last civil war and the one in the 1940s, shows what this chauvinistic and naively Yugoslav lie led to, while Muslim partisans are attributed supernatural powers and give the greatest credit for liberation from the Germans. and the Ustasha.

    In reality, the contribution of Muslim young men in the four-year Serb`s uprising, which was falsely called the “People’s Liberation War of all our peoples”, did not exceed four percent in Yugoslavia, and was somewhat higher in today’s BiH, especially after the great escape from Ustasha and black uniforms. “Handschar Division” into partisans at the end of the war in 1945.

    This does not diminish the courage of those Muslims who joined the partisans in 1941. It is known that their fellow citizens said that such persons “go to the Serb`s army”.

    The entire resistance and the war to the death in World War II, when Serbs with Jews and Roma were outlawed, was initiated by a bare struggle for survival and against extermination, and has nothing to do with the “new socialist man” and the “class struggle”.

    These communist synonyms and ideologization were used only to first camouflage the story of the real revolutionaries and the real reasons for the Serbs uprising, and then turn it more easily into a common cause of “all our peoples and nationalities.”

    Thereof, July 27, AVNOJ, ZAVNOBiH and other communist ideological stories – do not exist nor have they ever existed in reality in the form in which they were placed in historical textbooks.

    Simply, based on all historical data, the uprising in BiH and in the former Yugoslavia against the Nazis and domestic collaborators was – the Serb`s thing and a struggle for bare life, and in that Serbs were occasionally helped by Muslims and, even less often, Croats /who in the vast majority were on the side of the NDH – active or passive/.

    As a final fact, it is enough to remind of the intention of the authorities of the Ustasha NDH /which is spoken of by numerous German sources/ to kill and Christianisation, that is, convert to Catholicism, more than 30,000 Serb`s children.

    The same German sources /and they knew very well what their Ustasha associates were doing/ stated that at least 600,000 Serbs, and possibly more, up to 800,000, had been killed in the area of today’s BiH and in the entire NDH.

    Hitler’s envoy Hermann Neubacher wrote:

    “When the main Ustashas claim to have killed one million Orthodox Serbs /including babies, children, women and the elderly/, it is an exaggeration in my opinion. Based on the documents I received, I estimate that about 750,000 unprotected people were killed”.

    That is why July 27, like all other dates of resistance to the Nazis in the World War II, is primarily the dates of Serb`s suffering and military victories, in which they were more or less helped by members of other nations who did not want to watch or participate in genocide over those same Serbs.


    Source: SRNA


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