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Serological Testing of the Population of Srpska Begins Today


The medical faculty of the University of Banja Luka will start serological testing of the population in the settlements of Starčevica and Petrićevac today, said the dean of this faculty, Ranko Škrbić.

– Family physicians randomly select individuals for testing. After the phone call, consent to testing is voluntary for people who want to know if they have antibodies to the coronavirus – Škrbić told RTRS.

Škrbić pointed out that this is a project of the Medical Faculty in Foča and the Medical Faculty in Banja Luka, in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Srpska, and the support and coordination of the World Health Organization.

– In the meantime, with the funds of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, we bought devices and additional equipment for serological tests, both for Foča and Banja Luka, while colleagues from the WHO provided a sufficient number of serological kits necessary for analysis – said Škrbić.

He pointed out that 150 tests of employees at the Faculty of Medicine, as well as students, have already been done.

– We can say that we have the first results, which were sometimes expected and sometimes not, and which show that some people had contacts, however, they do not know that they were infected. Certainly, people without symptoms are the most interesting to be examined – said Škrbić.




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