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Seselj says procedure to extradite him “has begun”


Vojislav Seselj has said that proceedings for his extradition to the Hague Tribunal have begun.

Addressing a news conference in the Serbian capital on Thursday, he said he would respond to the summons of “the War Crimes Court in Belgrade.”

Seselj said he received a document from the Higher Court in Belgrade to report there on March 10 as the accused, and added that he would seek to be allowed to publicly present the evidence for his claim that the extradition would be unlawful.

He pointed out that he would refer to the European Convention on Human Rights, signed by Serbia, which guarantees the right to a fair trial.

Asked how he plans to behave in case the extradition goes ahead, Seselj said he would offer “passive resistance.”

“They’ll have to carry me to the airport, I will not fight with the police, and if the police beat me, I’ll find a way to let you know,” Seselj told reporters, and added he would not invite his supporters “to help him not go to The Hague.”

Seselj also said that it would be up to his party, the Serb Radicals (SRS), to decide what to do after his extradition.

Asked whether he “really expects to be extradited,” Seselj said he “believes that the authorities are severely tormented” and that Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is “aware of what this would mean for him.”

Seselj added, however, that he does not know how the prime minister would react, and whether he will be “one of those who have extradited Serbs to the Hague. ”

The Hague Tribunal asked last May that Seselj be arrested again and transfer to The Hague, and the Higher Court is to decide on the fulfillment of conditions for his extradition.

The Hague Tribunal is to deliver its verdict in the trial on March 31.

Source: B92


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