Home News Shock over audio revealing MP pay off: PM states “footage fabricate”

Shock over audio revealing MP pay off: PM states “footage fabricate”


Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic has said that audio footage of her allegedly talking of a “buy-off” of MPs was fabricated and that it is just an act of manipulation with a clear political goal.

Namely, audio footage was released by local media in which Cvijanovic’s voice can be heard discussing the after election majority held by her party SNSD, and the “buy-off” of MP’s. The audio reveals that Cvijanovic and her party allegedly paid off MP’s in order to secure a majority in the National Assembly of RS and hence form the government on the entity level.

 However, she has denied the authenticity of the footage.

“There is no need to comment on that because the competent authorities are already working to establish who is responsible,” Cvijanovic told Srna when asked to comment on the publication of audio footage allegedly talking of a “buy-off” of MPs.

Cvijanovic added that she as a citizen, as well as the Srpska Prime Minister, has had a serious crime committed against her, so the response of the competent bodies must be serious.

Those who made, fabricated and uploaded the footage have entered the sphere that is punishable by law and the fact that they are already looking for an alibi by saying that the authenticity of the footage cannot be confirmed will not help them, said the PM.



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