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Sixth OK Fest: Music event that met expectations of organisers and audience


OK Fest, one of Bosnia’s most renowned music festivals, has brought the curtains down after its sixth edition which, as the organisers said, met their own and the expectations of the audience

Over 30,000 of rock music fans gathered in the magical environment of the Sutjeska National Park last weekend, where they enjoyed not only the good music but also a wide range of activities including hiking, rafting as well as the open-air film screening and book promotions.

The third and the closing night ended with concerts of legendary Croatian band Pips, Chips˛Videoclips, one of Serbia’s most acclaimed bend Partibrejkers and Scottish indie rock attraction Franc Ferdinand.

“I am very happy to be here and with the way the audience welcomed us. How wonderful this place is, a wonderful nature. I wish I could come for a vacation here one day,” said Franc Ferdinand frontman, Alex Kapranos.

Like in previous years, the camping area was fully filled with those who decided to make the most of this event and enjoy it to the fullest.

“Rock and roll always move people closer, so this was a good chance to make people get to know each other better. This is a great festival and it grows bigger every year. I wish OK fest good luck and to become one of the greatest festivals. It started well on that path,” said Zoran Prodanovic Prlje of Croatian Let 3 rock band.


Source: N1



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