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Slađana Kobas shoud be symbol of child suffering in 1990s wars


Miloš Šupica, a Serbian humanitarian from the United States, who has helped at least 20,000 Serbian children since 1992 through his relief association Save Serbian Children, intends to launch an initiative for Slađana Kobas, the 13th baby from Banjaluka, to be declared a symbol of suffering in the 1990s wars in these parts.

Večernje Novosti reports that President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović too has agreed with Šupica’s idea to declare Kobas, who died at the age of 13 after the West sentenced her to death, failing to allow a delivery of oxygen to the Banjaluka maternity ward.

According to the newspaper, Šupica had presented the idea to the Russian Duma too, whose deputies were thrilled to accept his proposal, and now hopes to meet with the local politicians in Belgrade.

Šupica recalled that Slađana Kobas died in Prijedor in 2005 from knee cancer which she had got due to the lack of oxygen as a new-born.

“I was among the last persons to take care of her in the United States after the American doctors had made a mistake by implanting a titanium knee, which caused an infection. The little Slađa died as she was uncapable of another flight over the Atlantic and coming to the US where I had secured another outstanding hospital. She had told me back then in Prijedor: ‘Dear Mr Miloš, I can’t even breathe, let alone travel,’” recalled Šupica.

He submitted that Americans should not be perceived through actions of their politicians and said that it was the common people in the US who had raised the better part of funds for Serbs.

“They were better Serbs than the Serbs themselves,” said Šupica, who during the war took 137 gravely injured Serbian wounded to the United States and had them treated in the local hospitals there. He pleaded himself for their treatment with US President Bill Clinton at the time, making a public threat that he would “put up a cross” outside the White House had they not allowed it.


Source: srna


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