Home Politics Slow progress on the road of post-war recovery

Slow progress on the road of post-war recovery


In his last interview as director for the Western Balkans in the European Commission’s Directorate for Enlargement, Pierre Mirel said the EU will remain devoted to transitional justice in the Balkans as part of the accession process – noting, however, that progress is slow.

He added that if we compare it to where Europe was 20 years after WWII, the progress made by the Balkans is very slow. However, Mirel admitted that certain things are looking up especially in terms of the relationship between B&H and Croatia.

Ties between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are also developing to a great extent, continued Mirel.

In his interview for BIRN, he also emphasized that the prosecution of war crimes in the ex-Yugoslav region is of high priority for the EU.


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