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SNSD Won the Elections in Srpska, but Lost the Biggest Stronghold


In the Republic of Srpska, the results are known in most local communities, and more than 1.2 million citizens with the right to vote elected mayors, mayors, and representatives in local assemblies.

The winner of the local elections in the Republic of Srpska is the SNSD, whose leader Milorad Dodik announced last night that a better result was achieved compared to the last elections and that the party has a mayor in 41 local communities.

According to him, the biggest loss for the party is the result for the mayor in Banja Luka, where the PDP and SDS candidate Draško Stanivuković won the mayoral election.

According to previous preliminary data from the BiH CEC, Stanivuković won 53.91% of the vote, and Radojicic 46.09%.

Judging by the unconfirmed results, Prijedor will be led in the next four years by Dalibor Pavlović, the SNSD candidate, who had a larger number of votes than Dragutin Rodić from the DNS and Maja Dragojević-Stojić, who was nominated by the SDS. There, the SNSD recorded a great victory.

The citizens of Bijeljina gave their trust to Ljubiša Petrović from the SDS, but that parliamentary majority could be made up of the parties that nominated his opponent.

For the first time, the citizens of East Sarajevo directly elected the mayor, and they gave their trust to Ljubiša Ćosić from the SNSD, the current mayor of East New Sarajevo.

The mayor of Doboj remains Boris Jerinić, who was nominated by the SNSD for another term.

The mandate was also renewed by Zoran Adžić, who was again the SNSD candidate for the mayor of Gradiška, while the convincing victory in Zvornik was won by the previous mayor and SNSD candidate Zoran Stevanović.

Trebinje will be led by SNSD’s Mirko Ćurić for the next four years, while it is not yet known who will be the new mayor of Srebrenica.

According to preliminary results, the SNSD candidate for the mayor of Gacko, Ognjen Milinković, won more votes than the opponent.

The current mayor of Derventa, Milorad Simić, will hardly fight for a new mandate, because, according to some sources, Vlado Kovačević won more votes in front of SDS and PDP.

As it is stated, there were no changes in other municipalities of Srpska, and the mandate was either won again by the previous mayors or candidates from the same political option, which is the case in Prnjavor as well.

In Serb-majority municipalities in the Federation of BiH, SNSD candidates in three of the four municipalities – Drvar, Glamoč, and Bosanski Grahovo – won the mayoral election.




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