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Soldiers donated blood


Soldiers of the Third Infantry Battalion in Bijeljina launched the campaign of voluntary blood donation on May 12 – the Day of the Republika Srpska Army and the Third Infantry Regiment of Republika Srpska.

The officer for civil-military cooperation and information, Lieutenant Dusko Petkovic, told reporters that the aim of this campaign is to highlight the human aspect of their profession and to engage all in society on voluntary donation of blood.

He announced that the “Open Doors Day” will be held on May 8 from 11.00 to 14.00 in the “Vojvoda Stepa Stepanovic” Cassarna in Bijeljina where citizens will be shown some of the skills and equipment that the army uses in their work.

The specialist transfusiologist at the Transfusion Medicine Service in Bijeljina, Dragana Vojnović, told reporters that members of the armed forces are organizing voluntary blood donation twice a year, while in today’s action 30 donors have been announced.




Source: Srna


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