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Some in Srpska expect justice, others minimum sentence


Some representatives of associations deriving from the homeland and defence war in Republika Srpska believe that the prosecution of Sakib Mahmuljin, the former commander of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will help serve justice while others think that the trial will only by a formal act rendering a minimum sentence.
Head of the Veterans Association Milomir Savcic is not too optimistic about a strict sentence for Mahmuljin.

Savcic said: “It is likely that the case against Mahmuljin for the sake of some alleged justice will be brought to an end but he will be rendered a minimum sentence, like the case was with Rasim Delic, Asim Kubura and Enver Hadzihasanovic, whose indictments contained a war crime count.”

Nedeljko Mitrovic, the head of the Association of Families of Detained and Fallen Veterans and Missing Civilians, says the indictment against Sakib Mahmuljin is expected if the BiH Prosecutor’s Office wants to act on the basis of plenty of evidence material on committed war crimes.

“We will wait to see how the trial goes and if the evidence material and the witnesses are taken into account and what the effect of the trial will be for rendering the sentence,” said Mitrovic.

He said there was enough evidence that it was not just the Mujahideen, but also members of the so-called Army of BiH, that had committed crimes.

“Question is if the Mujahideen will ever be arrested knowing that many have been deported from BiH in an organised manner to avoid prosecution,” he said.

Branislav Dukic, the head of the Association of Former Camp Detainees from Srpska, believes that justice will catch up with the perpetrators of crimes against the Serbs in Zavidovici and Vozuca.

Dukic told Srna that the world had ordered an indictment against Sakib Mahmuljin because of the occurrence of terrorism around the world.

“Many Mujahideen who fought on the Army of BiH’s side under Mahmuljin’s command in the 1990s have taken part in the Islamic State battles,” Dukic said.

President of the Srpska War Veterans Association Dusko Vukotic believes there is conclusive evidence of Mahmuljin’s crimes and that he will eventually be prosecuted.

“We are certain that conclusive evidence exists and that the state court and prosecution bodies will demonstrate objectivity in the Mahmuljin case. On the other hand, we are afraid that the Serbs will receive a hundred-fold from the case in terms of future indictments against them,” added Vukotic.

The BiH Prosecutor’s Office has issued an indictment against Sakib Mahmuljin on suspicion of war crimes committed by members of the El Mujahid unit against Serb prisoners of war and civilians in the greater Zavidovici and Vozuca area.

Mahmuljin is charged of acting contrary to the provisions of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention during the 1990s war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the capacity as the commander of the 3rd Corps of the Army of BiH, among whose ranks also fought the infamous El Mujahid Squad which hired fighters from Africa and Asia.

Source: SRNA


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