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Soon: A New development strategy of elementary education


President of National Assembly of the Republika Srpska Nedeljko Cubrilovic  today in Banjaluka announced that parliament will soon take into consideration Strategy of development of elementary education and new laws of elementary education and preschool education, noting that parliament will do everything in it’s power to improve quality of education process.

During today’s visit to elementary school ”Branislav Nusic” in Banjaluka’s settlement Srpske toplice, occasioned by the start of the new school year, president Cubrilovic pointed that institutions, including parliament itself, need to do everything in it’s capacity to improve the quality of education, and create conditions for increasing the birth rate considering the fact that number of first grade pupils in schools of Republika Srpska decreases as time goes by.

”In that case, this school represents exception because this year a slightly higher number of pupils is enrolled, but regardless of that, fact is that birth rate is in decline and that we all need to do as much as possible to create better conditions to stop this negative trend”- said Cubrilovic, and added that this school has been chosen for visit because it is exposed to security threats as well, because it’s located near very frequent main road.

He stressed that all competent authorities must give special attention to the security of pupils, especially in light of the fact that this year significant increase in number of deaths in traffic was recorded, compared to the previous year.

President Cubrilovic called on all relevant institutions to engage in solving this problem and to contribute to the reduction of negative statistics.

Except the President Cubrilovic, Minister of Transport and Communications Nedjo Trninic, representatives of Auto moto savez  and Deputy Minister of Education Radmila Kocic – Djudjic attended today’s school visit, as well.

Source: narodnaskupstinars.net
Translation: A.P.



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