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Spiric: Country without prospects


The BiH Minister of Finance and Treasury, Nikola Spiric, said that BiH is a country without prospects.

“Viewed globally, everything that is happening – the problem of Ukraine, the campaign against Belorussia, the attempts to re-organise the Arab world – I don’t see that BiH has prospects,” Spiric said.

He told Radio-TV Republika Srpska last night that many things have not been resolved in the region, and this is why BiH is still a training ground for projects outside of its borders.

“BiH is a country that can neither progress nor regress. This is the country ‘enslaved’ by the global concept. When this concept arranges the world, then, it will probably offer a solution for BiH,” Spiric said.

Regarding the latest analysis by the International Crisis Group /ICG/, namely, that BiH should be organised as a country with three Entities, Spiric said that this is a late reaction.

“I think it would have been better to offer a union of three republics, and Sarajevo should embrace this idea in order to save BiH. I am afraid the ICG will in three years conclude that ‘the mouse and cat cannot live together’ and that peaceful separation is the only solution,” Spiric said.

He said that the diplomatic incident caused by the Chairman of the BiH Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, who refused to meet with the non-resident Ambassador of Israel to BiH, David Cohen, is a warning to Serbs in these parts to have as little internal disputes as possible.

“It is almost certain that the reorganisation of the Arab world under the influence of radical Islam will impact on BiH also. In this regard, I think these statements are devastating. What I think Izetbegovic wants, and unfortunately a portion of the IC as well, is to secure the ‘three in one election’ – three members of the BiH Presidency, but with Izetbegovic emphasised. Namely, that everyone speaks like Izetbegovic,” Spiric said.

He said that this in fact is a warning to Serbs, since the Bosniak coalition “Domovina” [Homeland] which is active in Republika Srpska, intends to be a destructive political factor in Srpska.

“Unfortunately, our opposition is being hooked on this Domovina Coalition. We will have a situation prior to these elections where there will be a struggle for Republika Srpska led by the SNSD and Milorad Dodik and a struggle for power led by the Alliance for Change Coalition assisted by the Domovina and March 1 Coalitions,” Spiric said.

He warned voters that only people who have clear and durable policies can make a state, and all who are attacking the government need to know this.

“Political struggles to stabilise Republika Srpska will be waged here for a long time to come,” Spiric said.

Spiric said that loans constitute the major portion of funds raised at last month’s donor conference in Brussels for flood relief and added that there are no many grants.

“I don’t think these loans were given under particularly favourable conditions. These are standard procedures,” Spiric said and added that a major grant, KM 7 million, was allocated from the BiH Budget.

He recalled that the BiH Council of Minister brought a decision to transfer KM 10.1 million to the solidarity bank accounts – 49% to the Entities each and 2% to Brcko District.


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