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Sports Complex worth 20 Million BAM to be built in Trnovo soon?


Trnovo Municipality has announced a public call for works ton infrastructure building of a business and sports center.

Estimated value of contract without VAT included is 2.905.982,90 BAM.

The deadline for the completion of the works is 24 (twenty-four) months, building the entire building, its parts and other construction works involving special craftwork.

The Center will be built on 11.21 hectares, on the right at the entrance to the Babin Dol area, at an altitude of nearly 1,300 meters.

In the northern part of the complex, a football field of 80 × 120 meters will be built, which will be covered with natural grass, and a 1,000-seat panel from the east. There will dressing rooms and sanitary as well as a visitor service.

In the extension of the terrain, it is planned for a field with artificial grass that will be covered with a balloon in the winter months and will have heating.

In addition, there will be one playground for football, handball, basketball and volleyball, which will be suitable for usage in the winter because they will be covered.

The center of the central facility will be a sports hall that will be located in the southern part zone along with business facilities. The hall will have 500 seats for spectators and accompanying facilities, while the hotel will have 90 beds, meeting rooms, a multi-purpose conference room, a leisure and entertainment venue, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a gym, a sauna, a bowling alley and a handicapped ambulance and a pharmacy. The hotel will be connected to the sports hall, Akta.ba business portal reports.


Source: sarajevotimes


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