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Srebrenica will remain part of RS – Dodik


Srebrenica leaving the Serb Republic (RS) is out of the question as it is its integral part territoriality, the Serb entity’s president, Milorad Dodik has said.
The idea of a referendum to have the municipality leave the constitutional and legal system of the RS, launched by representatives of the SDA party Bakir Izetbegovic, is unworkable as it clashes with the Dayton Accords, but also the rights of Serbs in the local community, Dodik said.

He on Sunday told the citizens of Srebrenica at a panel discussion, “A Word from the President,” that there was no genocide in Srebrenica in 1995 and that the former head of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic, had sacrificed the municipality.

The RS president also stated that “the tragedy of all peoples must be respected, and untruths abandoned.”

He also said that U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia Maureen Cormack was “stirring up instability in Bosnia with her statements and that she was working solely in the function of the Bosniak (Muslim) policy.”

Commenting on Cormack’s statement that opposition to the referendum on RS Day was not her opinion, but the stance of the U.S. government, Dodik stressed that she surely had not debated whether to support the referendum in the RS or not and that this was “a story for the naive.”

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