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SRNA Launches Video Service


Nikola Deretic, the Director General of the News Agency of Republika Srpska, SRNA, stated Thursday that SRNA is a modern news agency whose operations are based on the application of professional standards, which is confirmed by today’s launching of a video service. “It is very important that SRNA is launching a video service today. This means that TV outlets will be able to use this type of service. We are developing this service as a pilot project, first in Banjaluka, and then in other centres too,” Deretic told reporters, noting that the service will be free of charge at the beginning.

He noted that SRNA was celebrating its 24th birthday and patron saint’s day, Annunciation in a modest manner on Thursday, aware that other media outlets mean a lot to the agency, just like SRNA does to them.

“Last year was very successful as our net profit was BAM140,000. Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to increase the amount because we have some lawsuits from before,” said Deretic.

SRNA has 100 employees – 70 working full time and 30 working part time.

Deretic added that in 2015, the agency produced 74,000 pieces of news, nearly 24,000 photographs and 1,350 audio reports.

Editor-in-Chief Milica Dzepina said that SRNA will keep informing the public in a professional and objective manner.

“Professional, objective and timely information is our primary task. By launching the video service, we are making an important step in terms of offer for all our users,” said Dzepina.

SRNA will keep reporting in a professional, objective and quick manner for the benefit of Republika Srpska, she said.

Workers who have worked for the news agency for 20 years were given presents on the occasion.

Source: SRNA


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