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Srpska adopts controversial Law criminalizing public speech


Members of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, from the ruling majority, today adopted the controversial Law on public order and peace, which treats social networks as a “public place”.

46 deputies voted for this piece of legislation.

The opposition strongly criticized the proposed law. They left the Assembly in protest before giving their thoughts on the Law and prior to the vote being cast.

The Government of Srpska and the relevant Ministry stated that police wont pursue citizens and journalists who publicly express their views on social networks.

The Interior Minister Dragan Lukac, assured the public that the adopted amendments do not foresee the sanctioning of those who publicly express their opinions on the work of state authorities and other public bodies and organizations. The sanction of prison has also been wiped from the Act.

The opposition believes that the proposed legislation is undemocratic and that it can not be “fixed” by a few amendments.

They warned earlier that they will seek a review of the constitutionality of this Law if adopted.


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