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Srpska and Dejana Celebrate Their Birthday Together


The Republic of  Srpska and  Dejana Topić Daljević from Prijedor yesterday celebrated their birthday together. Every year, on this day, Dejana has only one wish, peace and happiness in her Republic of Srpska.

January 9th is a special day for Dejana. Although slightly older than her homeland, yesterday, she said, first she celebrated the birthday of the Republic of Srpska and then hers.

– It is important that we mark the Day of the Republic of Srpska because we should mark and respect that date. The situation as we all know is not the brightest, but we should strive to stay there and fight for a better tomorrow – said Topić Daljević.

Although born in Croatia, she found her home here in Srpska.

Dejana congratulated her birthday and herself and the Republic of Srpska warmly.

Dejana Topić Daljević is a great fighter in her life.

Maybe because of his birth date, he jokingly says, he does not know the defeat. She says – one who wants to work, has opportunities and will reach his goal.

This young woman from Prijedor is taking safe steps towards her goals, in order to secure herself and her family a secure future in Srpska.




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