Home Politics Srpska approves partial participation in ERASMUS+

Srpska approves partial participation in ERASMUS+


The government of Republika Srpska gave approval for partial participation in the ERASMUS+ program, respecting the constitutional jurisdiction of Srpska in the area of education.

Minister Goran Mutabdzija stressed that this does not mean that Srpska is going beyond the scope of the Dayton Agreement, which defines that education is exclusively the responsibility of the entities.

“This means that every item from this project that involves the formation of an umbrella agency at the state level, responsible for the implementation of this project, is not acceptable for us”, said Mutabdzija.

He added that Srpska is open for the improvement of education for youth and students through European programs for education, which are a part of the great ERASMUS+ program.

B&H now has the consent to participate partially in this program, as a partner, which will cost it 115, 000 EUR said Mutabdžija, adding that the amount each entity will pay has not yet been defined.


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