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Srpska calls on FBiH to reach sustainable agreement


Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik has said that High Representative Valentin Inzko, while presenting his regular six-month report on the state of affairs in BiH, “massively deceived” the UN Security Council by presenting a series of falsehoods about many things in BiH.

He has said that Inzko yesterday presented a series of false claims “bordering on lies” regarding that which is stipulated by the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Dodik told a press conference in East Sarajevo that Inzko did not have the right to refer to agreements reached by political parties in BiH, which he did yesterday, or to evaluate what parties should do.

“He is not in charge of it. It is disgusting and ridiculous for him to speak about agreements signed by parties,” Dodik said, noting that even the agreement of August 5, which is not valid anymore, shows that the SNSD, HDZ BiH and the SDA agree that the ”infamous institution called the OHR” should be abolished.

He has recalled that the high representative to BiH is stipulated by Annex 10 to the Dayton Agreement which clearly says that the high representative’s mandate is to warn, monitor, propose, suggest, and nothing more.

“The high representative obtained the Bonn powers all by himself in Bonne, powers which are contrary to the Dayton Agreement and thus introduced lawlessness to BiH,” Dodik said.

He has noted that the high representative illegally enacted laws, imposed solutions, recalling that even Carlos Westendorp, who was the high representative at the time the Bonn powers were introduced, said that they were not in keeping with the Dayton Agreement.

“The high representative massively violated the Dayton Peace Agreement and led BiH to the present blockade,” Dodik said.

The Serb member of the BiH Presidency has said that integration with NATO is not the issue for the high representative and that he spoke about it in his report to the UN Security Council.

“He is not in charge of the European integration either, this is the issue for bodies and institutions at various levels in BiH, where a coordination mechanism has been established to refer to the European integration,” Dodik said and added that the high representative is exclusively in charge of the civil implementation of the Dayton Agreement.

According to Dodik, neither conditions and goals mentioned by the high representative – “five plus two” are part of the Dayton Agreement.

“This is part of invented principles imposed by the OHR so that it could remain in BiH. These are OHR’s positions and not the Dayton Agreement,” Dodik said.

He has pointed out that the high representative has no right to interpret the Opinion of the EU, and he interpreted only that which suits him. “He did not refer to the part which says that BiH cannot resume on its path to the EU if it has the high representative,” Dodik said.

Dodik has added that the Peace Implementation Council is a self-declared body, which is not in keeping with the Dayton Agreement.

“It was formed by a group of countries which wanted to exert political influence and which gave political support to the lawlessness of the high representative in the past,” Dodik said, noting that the high representative continues to point out to Srpska as the main problem only because Srpska does not accept his politics and politics of some western countries as its own politics.

He has said that it is visible that the high representative favors the Bosniaks side.

“The high representative characterized the announced session of the Republika Srpska National Assembly as an event that can cause problems, and only after that, he referred to the SDA Declaration which was adopted some two months ago.

But, he does not say that the Declaration is contrary to the Dayton Agreement, as he is prone to declare everything that is coming from Republika Srpska as being anti-Dayton,” says Dodik, stressing that this also demonstrates how much the high representative supports the Bosniak side.

Dodik has said that the high representative in his address to the UN Security Council also spoke about how Serb representatives went to a meeting with Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić.

“What does he have to do with this? People elected us. He mocks the Serbian people’s serious concerns about the SDA Declaration by his appearance before the UN Security Council,” Dodik has said.

He has said that the high representative deceived the UN Security Council by saying that the DF and the SBB BiH are in a coalition at the level of BiH.

“The HDZ BiH is not allowing the DF to come near the coalition. He says that the SDA and the HDZ are maintaining their longtime alliance and that they are joined by the DF. Is this the truth? I ask everyone in BiH if this is the truth. Ask the HDZ if this is the truth. Even the DF does not want to join the HDZ, and he is saying that they are together. He is deceiving the Security Council,” Dodik said.

He has said that Republika Srpska rejects the high representative’s speech to the UN Security Council.

“Srpska submitted its report in keeping with our rights regulated back in 2010. Back then, Haris Silajdžić asked the Constitutional Court to ban Srpska to submit reports to the UN Security Council and the Constitutional Court ruled that Srpska has the right to do it,” Dodik said.

Dodik has said that the Venice Commission in 2005 said that Srpska is a subject to a treaty which signed 10 annexes to the Dayton Agreement, and announced that he will propose a conclusion to the Republika Srpska National Assembly on November 11 by which the Assembly will ask the high representative to submit a report on his work to Srpska, in keeping with Annex 10 to the Dayton Agreement.


Source: srna


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