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Srpska did the most in the fight against terrorism in BiH


The Republika Srpska Minister of Internal Affairs, Dragan Lukac, has said that Srpska did the most when it comes to BiH’s progress on the recently published list of global terrorism index.

Lukac has told reporters that Srpska is the only one in BiH to have the Administration for the Fight against Terrorism and Extremism, which, in cooperation with all police agencies in BiH, contributed to improving this index position.

“Many things need to be done in BiH so that we could say that we fully control the situation when it comes to terrorism and extremism. We should not be carried away and talk praises, but we should continue working in order to protect citizens from terrorist acts and people in BiH who have ties with terrorist organizations, groups and radical extremism,” Lukac has said.

He has said that a great number of migrants are passing across the territory of Republika Srpska, including those who took part in wars and probably belonged to some terrorist organizations.

“Controls must be much better and all police agencies in BiH must make much more efforts and cooperate better,” Lukac has said.

Lukac has said that there were a number of terrorist acts in BiH in previous years, which is why we should not be naïve and think that they will not happen in the future.

On the global terrorism index list, BiH ranked 91st among 163 countries on the list. BiH is among 94 countries which recorded improvement on the list and is 12 places higher on the list than last year.

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism at Maryland University gathers data for the global terrorism index.




Source: srna


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