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Srpska firm in building its status


 Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has stated that Srpska will not abandon building its status, which implies it will decide on the most important issues, instead of the decisions being imposed. “We have always managed when we do not get those who are obedient and believe in unequaled power of the international community. Eh, then our rights and status erode,” Dodik told SRNA after the reception in Belgrade organized on the occasion of the Republika Srpska Day and marking 24 years since the first Srpska Constitution.

Dodik has pointed out that now Republika Srpska “has to stop and see where it is,” adding that for years back it has shown that it can be self-sufficient in everything – economics, politics, culture and sports.

He has stressed that he believes that the Serb people and the people in Republika Srpska absolutely understand the moment in which Srpska is.

“Attaks on Republika Srpska will not stop, but it is very clear that Srpska was neither born accidentally nor like an excess. Srpska is a genuine Serb’s desire for freedom. No freedom without state, and the state we live in is called Republika Srpska” Dodik said.

The Republika Srpsla president points out that both Srpska and himself are exceptionally honored to have Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and Russian Ambassador Alexander Chepurin among the guests at a reception in Belgrade.
According to him, the people who love Srpska and respect the Dayton Peace Agreement were present in the Old Palace in Belgrade on Sunday evening.

“Mr. Nikolic has repeatedly said that Republika Srpska is what he loves, appreciates and respects, wishing it all the best. Of course, it has never been aimed at the destruction of the Dayton Peace Agreement, or anything else. It is therefore a great honor for us that president Nikolic was here proving the positive, good and sincere attitude towards Srpska,” said Dodik.

He has stressed that he was grateful to ambassador Chepurin for attending the reception, because Russia has been an undoubted friend of Srpska for years in defending, first of all, the truth, and the truth is the international law.

“Russia defends international law, but those who feel powerful in the West violate it. So, Russia in the UN Security Council has always acknowledged whatever came from Republika Srpska, checked and claimed it was true, not the lies told by high representative in BiH, which was written in Sarajevo,” said Dodik.

Source: SRNA


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