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Srpska for military neutrality and demilitarization of BH


The Chairman of the BH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, has said that he told the Deputy Assistant US Secretary of State, Matthew Palmer, that Republika Srpska representatives in joint institutions must act within the framework of the Republika Srpska Parliament’s Resolution on Military Neutrality and that it would be the best for Bosnia and Herzegovina to start a demilitarization process.

Dodik told reporters after a meeting with Palmer that certain cooperation can exist with NATO as part of the Partnership for Peace and that Serbia and Russia also have such cooperation with NATO. 

“People have talked for weeks in BH that this issue with NATO has been solved, and today we saw that it has not been solved. Palmer says that we should decide on it,” Dodik has said. 

He has said that he told the US delegation that a demilitarization process is the best thing for BH. 

“I told them that there is room for BH to ask for EU candidate status and that they can help if they want,” Dodik has said and added that talks were good. 

According to him, he informed the US delegation about the fact that BH government bodies will be formed very soon. 

“The SNSD will have its representative in the Collegium of the BH House of Representatives, and everyone from the Federation BH who can contribute to forming a majority can join it,” Dodik has said. 

He has said that he did not discuss this issue with any political party from the FBH, except the HDZ. 

“We are not forming any coalition. We came to represent Republika Srpska and we will act this way,” Dodik has said. 

According to him, he told Palmer that he should not expect him /Dodik/ to do anything outside his policy or anything against Serbia. 

“I told him that we will follow Serbia’s policy regarding NATO and Pristina. We do not recognize Kossovo at the moment,” Dodik has said. 

According to him, the government of self-declared Kossovo acted arrogantly when they imposed taxes, but now this is the matter for Europeans. 

“They /Kossovo/ are the product of international policy which has been bad for years. They have influence on them, they allowed the violation of CEFTA,” Dodik has concluded. 

The meeting between Dodik and Palmer was also attended by the US Ambassador to BH, Maureen Cormack. The Republika Srpska flag was displayed during the meeting.


Source: srna


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