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Srpska fulfilled all requirements


Srpska President Milorad Dodik told Polish Ambassador to BiH Andrzej Krawczyk that Republika Srpska had successfully fulfilled all its obligations under the Reform Agenda for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the requirements under the arrangement with the International Monetary Fund.

Dodik said that unfortunately, Republika Srpska was again a hostage of the failure to meet the same obligations by the other levels of government and expressed anger over the direct damage the Entity suffered because of it, reports the president’s office.

The president of Republika Srpska briefed the Polish diplomat of the political and economic developments in Republika Srpska, saying that Srpska was committed to peace and stability.

Interventionism by the High Representatives and re-tailoring of the Dayton Peace Agreement was another topic of the Wednesday meeting, reads the press release.

Dodik and Krawczyk exchanged views on other matters of importance in the Entity and the State.




Source: srna


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