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Srpska in Pace with Global Trends in Orthopedics


Head of the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Srpska’s University Clinical Centre, Nikola Bojić said that the clinic reduced the number of post-surgery complications below global standards, which means that we are in pace with global trends in Orthopedics.

Bojić emphasized that a professional visit to the Srpska’s UKC by the renowned world and European expert from Slovenia, the president of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society, Rihard Trepše, proves that the clinic does not stand still, but continues its 20-years-long journey, meaning the continuation of staff’s advanced training and procurement of medical equipment.

”If we look the past 25 years, the current situation at the clinic is the best so far, because we have equipment that can only make us work harder and better. We are working on a very rare pathology, infection and problems with hip and knee endoprosthesis, which is just one in a series of events that will happen in the coming period”, explained Bojić.

The renowned world and European expert from Slovenia, Rihard Trepše, said that a demanding surgery of revision of the knee prosthesis after infection was performed at the UCC, but it went well,  without any complications.

He added that the biggest problem in Orthopedics are complications, and that the priority is to prevent them, completely if possible, and to gain knowledge in treating them.

The General Manager of the University Clinical Centre of the  Republic of Srpska, Vlado Đajić, said that the UCC has one of the best health facilities in the region, made in compliance with world standards, and the best equipment in the field of orthopedics.

”We are working on staff training, even though we have good experts in orthopedics and traumatology”, added Đajić.

Đajić said that Trepše’s visit was significant for the development of the UCC, because it is one of the best experts in the field.

“He did the surgery here and educated our staff”, noted Đajić.

Trepše will also give a lecture on the topic “Adoption of modern protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of bone and joint infections” for all doctors, specialists and residents in this field.




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