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Srpska institutions are stable


The Srpska prime minister has emphasized that in the forthcoming period, the Government will continue to implement a series of measures aimed at stabilizing economic opportunities and economic growth, increasing the efficiency of public administration and creating conditions for jobs creation, as this is primarily in the interest of the Srpska citizens, announced the Government’s Public Relations Bureau.

Commenting on the reform measures implemented in accordance with the Reform Agenda Implementation Action Plan by Srpska, Cvijanovic has stressed that the Government has fulfilled all the planned obligations, and that the responsibility for the delay in reform processes lies exclusively in the joint BiH institutions in Sarajevo.

Cvijanovic has also pointed out the good cooperation between the entity governments in the harmonization of regulations and the adoption of similar solutions in economy, and emphasized that the entities are the bearers of development and constitutional competences, as well as all issues important for the life of citizens.

Cvijanovic and Berton, who is also Brcko District Supervisor, exchanged views on the current economic and political situation in Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an emphasis on activities carried out in line with the Reform Agenda.

During Barton’s farewell visit, the Srpska PM wished him a successful future on both a professional and personal level.



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