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Srpska institutions for European integrationad and reforms


President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović pointed out in a meeting with Head of the Belgian Diplomatic Bureau in BiH William Asselborn that entity institutions are fully committed to European integration and further implementation of socio-economic measures for the purpose of improving the business environment and living standard of all citizens.

Cvijanović pointed out that Belgium was a successful example which showed that decentralised states, like Bosnia and Herzegovina, had a place in the European Union and that such success included the respect for different interests and identities, instead of their denial, reports the presidential office.

The Srpska president stated that the formation of the new Council of Ministers as well as the legitimate authorities at all levels meant that people’s will demonstrated in elections had to be applied and that it was a democratic process which could not be a subject of political or any other conditions.

During the meeting in the president’s office, there was also talk of the current state of play in politics and economy in Republika Srpska and BiH, improvement of business cooperation and development of overall relations between Belgium and Srpska.


Source: srna


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