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Srpska is Freedom – Loving State


President Milorad Dodik said on Monday Republika Srpska is a freedom-loving state that celebrates the victory of Republika Srpska by celebrating the Victory Day over Fascism.As a freedom-loving, national state, Republika Srpska is big enough for all the people who wish to live in peace and take the path of prosperity with others and the different, he said.

“Republika Srpska will find and has found both time and place to give undivided attention to such people so that they can live in peace,” Dodik said at a ceremony marking Victory Day, May 9 on Monday.

Srpska cherishes the ideas of antifascist struggle even today, said the Srpska president, recalling that the Serb people gave a huge contribution to the struggle and final victory over fascism.

Yugoslavia was unable to exist on the foundations of the antifascist idea of freedom and equality of the peoples and nationalities, he said.

“Today we have to say that Yugoslavias, both of them, did not treat everyone equally and the Serbs were in a big historical delusion since 1918 and later when Yugoslavia continued in 1945 until its end in the 1990s,” said Dodik.

Knowing that there could be no state without freedom, the Serbs created Republika Srpska in the 1990s, based on the love of the people.

National Assembly Deputy Speaker Nenad Stevandic has said he is certain that antifascist struggle is built in the foundations of Republika Srpska and its future.

“All other political platforms emerging in Republika Srpska will have that antifascist prefix,” Stevandic told reporters in Banjaluka.

During the Victory Day ceremony, Blagoja Gajic, head of the Federal Association of WWII Veterans (SUBNOR) of Republika Srpska, said that the Serbs took part in the antifascist struggle en masse together with antifascists, members of other peoples.

“What the war generation of partisans achieved should remain a permanent inspiration to the present and future generations of youth as a testimony of firmness, courage and self-sacrifice and patriotic loyalty to one’s country and people,” said Gajic.

May 9 reminds us of the fact that the Serbs gave an enormous contribution to the antifascist struggle, said Milomir Savcic, head of the Srpska Veterans Association.

“We are again divided, like in WWII, unfortunately among ourselves, and I think it is the biggest message of today for the present time,” said Savcic.

To mark Victory Day, wreaths were laid to the Monument to Victims of Fascism at the Fallen Veterans Square in Banjaluka by Srpska President Milorad Dodik, Government delegation headed by Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic, National Assembly delegation including deputy speaker Nenad Stevandic and MPs Dragoljub Davidovic, Davor Sesic and Slobodan Protic, as well as a delegation of the Srpska Council of Peoples headed by chairwoman Nada Tesanovic.

Wreaths were also laid by an envoy of the Serb member of the BiH Presidency, former members of the WWII National Liberation Struggle, WWII detainees, and representatives of the veteran population from Republika Srpska, BiH Armed Forces, Banjaluka Mayor Slobodan Gavranovic, Banjaluka Jewish Municipality delegation, envoys of the Russian and Serbian embassies, and many others.

The ceremony continued with speeches by officials, and art performances.

Source: SRNA


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