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Srpska Is Getting Closer to Establishing a Social Security Institute


The Government of the Republic of Srpska plans to define a model for the development of the social card this year, but also to implement the procedures necessary for the establishment of the Republic of Srpska Social Protection Institute, which would exclusively deal with problems and measures for improving social protection.

This is stated in the Economic Reform Program of the Republic of Srpska for the period 2020-2022. It is also said that the reorganization of the Public Institution of the Child Protection Fund of Republika Srpska will be monitored this year, which are also key measures that the RS Government plans to implement in the medium term in the field of social protection.

As it was pointed out, the establishment of the Social Protection Institute aims to monitor and study social phenomena and problems, to prepare analyses and reports on the state of social protection and to propose measures for improving social protection.

It will also be the task of the Institute to develop standards, criteria and norms for performing professional tasks in the field of social protection, perform professional tasks related to the development, monitoring and quality assurance of employees in social protection. Among other things, the Institute for Social Protection will also have the task of improving databases of importance for the social protection system, conducting research in the field of social protection, as well as initiating, participating and organizing scientific and professional meetings.

As for next year, the Republic of Srpska Government plans to adopt the Law on Social Cards. That law would establish a database of the socio-economic status of an individual and related persons, a way of aggregating, content, using and storing data, forming and forwarding notifications with other information systems.

The aim of establishing the database is to create a unique record in the field of social protection and to establish mechanisms for the implementation of rational and effective social protection based on data on the socio-economic status of the individual and family in which he lives.

– Given that this is a complex area, which is also socially sensitive, an expert, detailed and careful analysis of the situation is necessary. Also, risk and obstacles are represented by the accuracy of data obtained from local self-government units and the lack of funds necessary for the establishment and operation of the Social Welfare Institute – the main obstacles to these planned activities are analyzed.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska added that the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Program of Work of the Government of the Republic of Srpska for the Period 2019-2022. envisaged the activity of comprehensive mapping of all social benefits in the Republic of Srpska, which are granted at all levels of government. With a view to realizing this activity, a Working Group for the implementation of the measure has been convened, and active steps are being taken to finalize the activity as soon as possible.

All local communities in the Republic of Srpska were requested to list all social benefits of local government units for the period from 1 January to 30 June 2019, after which the data will be analyzed. Social benefits are defined by the Law on Uniform Regulation of the Right to Cash Compensation, which regulates general rules and principles for determining the right to cash benefits to individuals at the expense of local self-government units. Benefits from the Republic level were identified, ie the legal framework and amounts. All data obtained will be sublimated and defined as Information according to the Government of Republika Srpska.

– In the last period, the legal solutions in the field of social, family and child protection have been significantly improved through the Law on Social Protection and the Law on Child Welfare, which certainly contributes to the implementation of economic reform measures, “emphasized in the Economic Reform Program of Republic of Srpska for the period 2020. -2022.




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