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Srpska is increasingly attractive to foreign tourists


Tourist attractions in Srpska are becoming more and more popular and are attracting an increasing number of visitors. Namely there was an 11% increase in the number of visits last year in comparison to 2012, with a 12% increase in the number of overnight stays.

This encouraging data comes from the Republic Bureau of Statistic.

According to the Tourism Organization of Srpska, a lot of effort has gone into improving Srpska’s tourism offer. Adventure tourism has become very popular, namely Srpska’s rafting centers, paragliding, hiking, biking and kayaking experiences have attracted adventurists and lifted Srpska’s tourism offer to a whole new level.

Apart from adventure sports, Srpska is famous for its mountain centers, while its flourishing spa tourism sets it apart from other European countries.

According to data from the Bureau of Statistics, citizens of Belgium, France, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Ukraine and Luxembourg visited Srpska last year, while its environmental charms are receiving praise at tourism expos throughout Europe.


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