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Srpska Not Allowing Seizure of Military Property


Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, says that Republika Srpska is not allowing the military property to be seized, it is being persistent regarding this issue and there is no reason to change its position now.

Regarding the statement by Minister of Defence at the Council of Ministers, Sifet Podžić, that there are no deadlines when it comes to the registration of perspective military property, which will be registered as the property of BiH, he says that he absolutely stands behind the fact that no procedure for property registration has been initiated.

“Impiously lying about such thing is not only a part of irresponsibility but a bad human character,” Dodik told the press in Zvornik.

He added that no registration of property would take place, nor was it on the agenda, nor would it happen, nor could it happen.

Dodik pointed out that if something was registered, it is registered in the Republika Srpska Geodetic Administration, and that it is “easy to check that there is no attempt to do so.”

“But, obviously, it would not hurt the Sarajevo circle to put its foot in its mouth or lie without any facts,” Dodik said and emphasized that absolutely no such decision was made anywhere.

Stating that he checked with the Geodetic Administration of Republika Srpska, Dodik said that no requests, initiations, or procedures were made no would they be.
“It is the property of Republika Srpska, which will never be registered as the property of BiH, they must know that we are done with that issue,” Dodik pointed out.


Source: SRNA


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