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Srpska Police Will Continue to Assist BiH Border Police


Coordination body tasked with monitoring the movement of illegal migrants concluded Friday in Banjaluka that the Republika Srpska Police, in accordance with the signed agreement, would continue to provide assistance to the BiH Border Police in protecting the eastern border from illegal migrants, announced the Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska.

“The Interior Ministry police officers will take all legally prescribed measures and actions with the aim of protecting the personal and property safety of citizens and maintaining a favorable security situation while respecting the principle of humanity, with intensive presence and work in the field, especially in places where illegal migrants gather and move,” it was stated at the meeting of the Coordination Body.

The statement reads that in the period to come, intensive work will be done on the suppression, prevention and detection of criminal acts of smuggling of persons, together with the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, the BiH Border Police, the BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency and the Service for Foreigners.

An analysis of the situation regarding illegal migrants in the territory of Republika Srpska was conducted at the session, which was chaired by Republika Srpska Police Director, Darko Ćulum.




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