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Srpska popular among foreign tourists


Tourist destinations in Republika Srpska are becoming more and more interesting to visitors from abroad.

This trend is confirmed by official numbers from the Bureau of Statistics according to which Srpska in 2013 recorded a 9.9 % growth in foreign visitors compared to the same period a year earlier. Strictly speaking, Srpska was visited by 104,212 foreign tourists from January to November 2013. The largest number of foreign visitors come from the region.

Particularly interesting is the rise in visitors from countries whose tourists previously did not choose Srpska as their holiday destination. Namely, during 11 months of 2013, Srpska was visited by 3,227 tourists from Turkey, 1,207 from Romania, 1,274 from Holland and 1,604 from Russia.

Jahorina, Andricgrad and Trebinje were the most visited sites in Srpska in 2013.



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