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Srpska ready to build highway through Brčko


President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, has said today in Brčko that Srpska is ready to take over and build the highway route through Brčko.

Dodik said that he was happy with the fact that an agreement was reached with the Brčko District on the highway construction route, which was on the integral corridor that stretched from Doboj, through Vukosavlje and Modriča.

“From Vukosavlje to the line with the Brčko District, the construction of the highway has already been contracted. The highway from Rača to Bijeljina is being built. It remains to contract the line from Bijeljina to the line with the Brčko District, through Brčko and, of course, to connect the Corridor `5C` from Doboj all the way to Vukosavlje,” Dodik told journalists before the Ceremonial Academy in Brčko on the occasion of Republic Day – January 9.

Dodik said that he wanted this highway to be built in the next four to five years, which would be significant for Brčko District, as well.

“We want to build a gas pipeline along that corridor, which will bring benefits to Brčko, too,” Dodik stressed.

He believes that everything should be done so that Srpska can be seen even more in Brčko in terms of schools and other cultural and religious contents that determine the values of the Serb people.

Source: srna.rs


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