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Srpska Ready to Help War Surgeon Miodrag Lazić


Republika Srpska National Assembly Speaker Nedeljko Čubrilović has said today that, if there is any possibility, Srpska is ready to help war surgeon Miodrag Lazić, who is infected with coronavirus, hoping the doctor, who was saving thousands of lives at the Žica War Hospital in Blažuj during the recent war, will quickly recover.
Čubrilović pointed out that he was very shaken by the news about the medical condition of Dr. Lazić, who heads the Emergency Centre in Niš.

He recalled that Lazić voluntarily came to Republika Srpska in September 1992 at the Koran War Hospital to help Republika Srpska in the most difficult times with his knowledge and experience.

“As the head of the surgical team, he went to Ilidža, the Žica Hospital, the only front-line hospital. As a skilled surgeon, he was working alone for more than two years in an area that covered about one hundred thousand people at that time.” Čubrilović recalled in a written statement.

He said that a very valuable truth about the events of the past war was published in the “War Surgeon Diary”, which was kept by Dr. Lazić at the Žica Hospital.

Čubrilović stressed that Republika Srpska is grateful to Dr. Miodrag Lazić for everything he has done to save lives, and will never forget that he left his family, city and comfort to be in Republika Srpska in the most difficult times.

“We are genuinely concerned about the news we received about Dr. Lazić’s health condition and would like to tell the Lazić family that the entire Republika Srpska is with them, awaiting the news of recovering, and praying for the speedy recovery of an exceptional man and doctor who has saved thousands of civilians and members of the Republika Srpska Army,” said Čubrilović.

He added that today, he contacted doctors at the Niš Clinical Centre with whom he spoke about Lazić’s health and asked them to convey Republika Srpska’s greetings and wishes for a speedy recovery, as it will never forget the heroic work of its surgeon.


Source: SRNA


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