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Srpska Representatives Meet With Most Influential People


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik stated this evening that Srpska representatives met with the most influential people from the economic, business and political life of Russia at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.
“Republika Srpska has been present for years at at the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, and so far has done a lot. Guests of the Forum are the representatives of China and leaders of political parties from all over the world,” Dodik told the Republika Srpska Radio and Television.

He has stressed that it is good for the Srpska representatives to learn at the Economic Forum the directions the other countries are taking and how the economic policies will adapt.

“I spoke last night with the external affairs advisor of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. We have the opportunity to talk with the business world, since Russia is an economic conglomerate of world importance,” said Dodik.

The Srpska President has noted that he will try to rehabilitate the issue of financial cooperation with Russia at the Forum.

“Russia has been put into a new political and economic situation due to the sanctions, but that what we had previously talked about would happen one day has never been ruled out. I’m not saying that it will be tomorrow, but this is a live topic which we will talk about,” said Dodik, adding that Srpska is facing economic challenges.

He says that Republika Srpska is interested in good cooperation with traditional partners and in meeting other countries’ opportunities.

Dodik has said that he has nothing to do with the views of foreign embassies in BiH on Republika Srpska representatives attending the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, saying they can understand this however they want.

“This is a legitimate and logical sequence of business operations, and what they do sometimes is neither legal or good in diplomatic practice, as they are interfering to much in BiH’s internal affairs,” said Dodik, who believes that BiH will collapse because of it.

The Srpska President has reiterated that BiH must respect the Dayton Peace Agreement, which Russia agrees on too.

He has stated how sorry he was for failing to meet in Banjaluka met with Johannes Hahn, the ccommissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiation, adding that Srpska wants more cooperation with Western countries.

“I would be honoured if I had a chance to talk with him. Earlier I assumed obligations and could not do it, but it is important that Han was in Banjaluka,” Dodik said, adding that Western countries must accept the reality that Republika Srpska exists and its requirements.

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik is in a several-day-long visit to St. Petersburg, where he is attending the 20th International Economic Forum.

Source: Srna


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