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Srpska sincerely advocating BiH’s European path, but as sovereign country not colony


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has told SRNA that Republika Srpska is sincerely advocating BiH’s European path, demanding that all priorities from the European Commission Opinion be consistently implemented in a package and that BiH be a sovereign country, not a colony, as it is necessary for it to progress on the European path.

“This means that internationals must leave BiH to its legally elected political representatives, that their constant interference in internal affairs must stop and that some illegal foreigner cannot be the supreme head of the Court and Prosecutor’s Office, issue commands, impose laws and direct judicial processes, and leave the Constitutional Court to local judges. An independent judiciary, law, justice and the rule of law must finally be established in BiH,” said Dodik ahead of the upcoming high-level meeting in Brussels, which will be held on December 5.

He emphasized that by constantly interfering in the internal affairs of BiH and putting pressure on certain politicians, the internationals violate any type of agreement and work on escalating the misunderstanding and the impossibility of establishing a normal dialogue among local politicians.

Dodik pointed out that the policy of foreign powers has been destroying BiH society for years and is constantly undermining the establishment of trust between peoples for the sake of their own interests, neglecting the interests of the peoples living in BiH.


Therefore, Dodik pointed out in his SRNA statement that it is time for all party representatives to prove whether they are in favour of a functional Dayton BiH and seriously want it to progress on the path to the EU, instead of changing the opinion and shifting the blame daily under internationals’ pressure.

“I expect the representatives of the FBiH authorities to respect the agreement we reached. We are not ready to listen to any new lies. It is time for concrete activities, as it is what the EU is requesting. Although they claim they speak with one voice in the Federation, we see they are unable to implement that voice, because they are blocked,” said Dodik. He emphasizes that Republika Srpska does not blackmail anyone, as Sarajevo-based political parties claim. There is a Constitution, there are laws, and there is an agreement between government representatives at the joint level; the only thing we ask is to respect the above mentioned. No one should doubt that Srpska will respect the agreement, but also no one can act beyond the framework of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“It’s even more ridiculous to listen to stories about what the most European parties from Sarajevo did on the path to the EU, while Srpska is allegedly is the one to blame for everything. In BiH, traditionally, everyone pretends to be crazy and thinks that if the same lie is repeated a million times, it will one day become the truth. It is incredible how it is forgotten in this entire story and cooperation that Republika Srpska is also part of the structure or, as they say, the forces that lead BiH on the path to the EU,” said Dodik reiterating that Republika Srpska is for the European path of the Dayton-based BiH, the regard of which any agreement will be respected.


Asked to comment on Miro Lazović’s statement that a state of equal peoples and citizens should be created throughout BiH, and that he was sorry for the Srpska president failing to focus his energy on strengthening BiH, because he would have been a leader in BiH, but instead went into national waters, Dodik said that if everyone in BiH invested energy in fighting for the consistent application of the Dayton Peace Agreement, respecting the Constitution of the country to which they swear, BiH might be able to survive.

As for Lazović’s statement that May 22, when BiH got a seat in the UN, is a significant date that, he says, should be included in national holidays, such as March 1 – the “birthday of the state”, and that, as he says, they passed the “law on national holidays in the war”, designating November 25 and March 1 as holidays, Dodik said that there are no national holidays in BiH, nor are any laws in force.

“Many today wave war flags, talking about reconciliation aterwards, which is the greatest absurdity we are living. I don’t know how they think we can strengthen BiH if they make statements like this!? How can we strengthen it, according to their rules? No BiH without agreement, dialogue and the Dayton Peace Agreement. Lazović and others like him will not impose any holidays on their own initiative. Let them celebrate whatever they want in the Federation, but they will not force Republika Srpska to celebrate the start of the war, the murder of the Serb wedding guest and the crimes committed by Muslims against our people. Let them be clear about that,” said Dodik.

He said that Srpska celebrates peace and truly fights for the Dayton-based BiH, unlike those in the Federation, like Lazović and others like him, who are still waving war flags, trying to rise from the ashes and revive their failed careers, being given the space to do so in order to maintain that alleged myth about Bosnia.

“Today, it might be best to read what Henry Kissinger said 13 years ago – that BiH never existed and that the USA’s insistence on its survival is senseless. That interview has been hidden since 2010 and today, on the occasion of the death of this diplomat, we can all read that there was another, more realistic view of the BiH issue, which says that what they did made us all equally unhappy and trapped,” Dodik stated.

The president quoted a part of Kissinger’s interview in which he said: “If you look at the history of Serbs, you will see they were fighting for 600 years not to be ruled by Muslims. Why is the US violating its own principle of self-determination and why is our media calling them `Serb separatists`? Are they trying to secede from something that has never existed in history? I think we should create a Muslim state and allow other nationalities to establish their own independent states or join Croatia and Serbia. We don’t need to get involved in a Balkan war that can’t end even if we win.”

Dodik said that Kissinger stated this 13 years ago and that this is the only reality today and in the future.


Speaking about the statement of Zijad Bećirović, director of the International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies from Ljubljana, who expressed doubts about the credibility of EUFOR and the OBA, which rejected the allegations by the Minister of Defence in the Council of Ministers Zukan Helez that there are paramilitary camps in Republika Srpska, Dodik said that the space that the media in the Federation gives to various dubious characters posing as analysts is tragic and worrying.

“Today, you have a situation where any fool can appear on any television, introduce himself as an analyst and declare against Republika Srpska whatever comes to his mind. The EUFOR and OBA have confirmed that Helez’s statement is false, but some media in the Federation give greater credibility to the quasi-analyst and the mercenary Bećirović. This only means that what that fool says is more important to that media, because he speaks against Republika Srpska, and what OBA and EUFOR say is completely unimportant,” Dodik pointed out.

He emphasized that this only shows how much they were affected by the truth about the existence of paramilitary groups in BiH, so now they are trying in every manner to cover it up with a fabricated story about paramilitary camps.

“Well, Helez himself made that statement to hide the truth about the parajemas in BiH and that even the regular police are not allowed to enter some villages where strong Islamist groups live. They live like a state within a state and that is the reality present here among us. It would be better for Helez to deal with that issue rather than spin and invent nonsense,” Dodik emphasized.


When asked to comment on the views of the representatives of the Republika Srpska opposition in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH that the EU invests in BiH in everything and anything, but not in the modernization of the electoral process, scanners, video surveillance, and that, as they say, as long as electoral fraud exists there is no European path or progress, Dodik replied that there is no modernization of the electoral process that can help the incompetent and powerless opposition to improve its position in Srpska.

“Let them appear before the people to hear what they think about them, it will be enough. The internationals are persistently pushing them in vain. The opposition in Srpska does not know how. Their only goal is to gain power, while the interests of Republika Srpska and the Serb people are irrelevant to them. They think that the people don’t know and don’t see it. The people know very well what and how the opposition in Srpska is doing, which they regularly show with their votes in the elections. No amount of scanners and video surveillance can help them when the people elect those who will never betray Republika Srpska,” emphasized Dodik.

He says the most comical about the entire story of the opposition in Srpska is their whining about the Trojka and emphasizes it is unprecedented and pitiful how these people can humiliate themselves.


Source: srna.rs


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