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Srpska Takes Over First Russian Helicopter


The company “Russian Helicopters” officially handed over the first light multi-purpose helicopter “Ansat” to the Republic of Srpska today in Kazan as part of the contract for three helicopters.

The helicopter operator is planned to be a new unit within the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Interior. The Republic of Srpska will be the first European buyer of “Ansat”.

As it was announced today from “Russian Helicopters”, the first “Ansat” for the Republic of Srpska will be equipped with a “MEDAVAC module” which will consist of a stretcher, a place for one patient, and two medics.

The equipment will include a mobile respirator, an ECG for monitoring real-time cardiac activity, and other medical equipment. Along with the first helicopter, a set of five seats was delivered, which can be installed instead of the “MEDAVAC configuration.” It was announced that the helicopter was also delivered with an “active vibration control system”.

The Republic of Srpska will get two more “Ansata” in 2021 and 2022. They will be additionally equipped with reflectors, a system for “fast rope” landings, a crane, and a hook HESLO (Helicopter External Sling Load Operations) operations.

According to the contract, it was announced from “Russian Helicopters”, three technicians and two pilots will receive training at the training center in Kazan. Pilots will learn to fly on a type both in the simulator and on the helicopters themselves. It is planned that four more pilots and six technicians will be trained in the next two years.




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