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Srpska to invest 11bn KM in renewable energy sources


Republika Srpska is going to put strong emphasis on energy. The plan is to invest around BAM 11bn in the renewable energy sector by 2030, said Petar Djokic, the Minister of industry, energy and mining.

During the “Sustainable Energy Development in Southeast Europe” conference in Belgrade, Djokic stated that Republika Srpska has devoted considerable attention to investments as a prerequisite for a better energy policy.

Djokic mentioned a series of new energy projects such as the 160-megawatt Dabar hydroelectric power plant (HPP), 5-MW Ulog HPP, 37-MW Mrsovo HPP, 9-MW Bocac HPP, 17-MW Ustipraca HPP, 14-MW HPP on the Bosna River, as well as many other projects.

“We are making sure that the entire activity in this sector is in keeping with the energy efficiency regulatory framework. We have established the environmental protection and energy efficiency fund and thus created a framework that aims to save about 9 percent of energy consumption,” said Djokic.

Srpska now produces over 1,000 MW of power and manages to export between 20 and 30 percent, the surplus energy produced annually, and will continue this in the years to come, said Djokic.

The minister recalled that the entity had adopted its own energy development strategy through 2030, continuing to develop the energy system through strategic planning and contributing to efficient long-term energy supply.



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