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Srpska Was Among the First to Introduce Rehabilitation for Patients With the Coronavirus


After the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Srpska was among the first in the region to start financing medical rehabilitation for insured persons who have been infected with the coronavirus, the first reactions of patients are arriving.

They point out that thanks to pulmonary rehabilitation, they are feeling a significant shift in their health.

– At the reception for pulmonary rehabilitation, I still had a feeling of fatigue and muscle pain. With the help of professional and friendly staff and constant supervision of doctors, physiotherapists, and nurses, after 15 days I feel a big shift in my physical and mental health because I learned many exercises and techniques that will help me improve my quality of life in the future – he said Mile Mijić from Zvornik, one of the first patients who, after a severe clinical picture and mechanical ventilation due to the coronavirus, was sent for prolonged medical rehabilitation to the Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Dr. Miroslav Zotović”.

In addition to the Institute, pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with the coronavirus, but also for other patients, was provided at the ZTC “Vrućica” in Teslić, which received the consent of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to provide this service.

For now, these institutions are the only ones in Srpska that have the consent of the relevant ministry for providing this type of medical rehabilitation.

During the introduction of “post covid” rehabilitation in the Fund, they were guided by European recommendations and the fact that due to the importance of rehabilitation for the recovery of patients, rehabilitation centers are being opened throughout Europe, especially in Italy and Great Britain. Therefore, the Republic of Srpska has stood side by side with the most developed European countries when it comes to health care for patients with the coronavirus, they point out from the Health Insurance Fund of Srpska.

Dr. Snježana Novaković Bursać, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, stated that some patients are in poor psychophysical condition after overcoming covid 19, with impaired lung and other organ systems, and that they face long-term consequences.

– In a certain number of patients, especially those who were treated with the support of mechanical ventilation or respirators, after the infection, significant functional problems remain, both in the respiratory system and in the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, post-covid rehabilitation is extremely important for these patients and their faster and more complete recovery, as well as return to life and work processes. As far as I know, the health system of Republika Srpska was the first in the region to provide post-rehabilitation rehabilitation at the expense of the Fund – said Novaković Bursać, adding that the focus of rehabilitation is on pulmonary rehabilitation, improvement of physical condition and psychosocial support.

Since November, the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Srpska has provided extended medical rehabilitation for insured persons who have suffered from a coronavirus infection, after hospital treatment on the recommendation of competent doctors. Rehabilitation can be approved for up to 28 days, and it is possible to renew rehabilitation for up to 14 days.

The Fund notes that, as long as the emergency situation lasts, health care in public health institutions is provided for all citizens, insured and uninsured, while insured persons do not need to certify health books.




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