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Srpska will not engage in war

"Energy that Republika Srpska needs has to be controlled by Republika Srpska in future, too. There will be no privatization there and it will stay within the public sector. Energy produced aside from it is on disposal for commercial services."

Mostar, August 21 – Srpska President Milorad Dodik said in Mostar on Friday that Serbs and Republika Srpska will definitely not engage in a war and that the goal of a referendum in Srpska is to build peace and solve problems in the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).“We will definitely not engage in a war and if Bakir Izetbegovic has any rabble-rousing campaigns ready, we will find out about that soon enough. We don’t have anything like that,”

Dodik said commenting on statements by the leaders of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) that the referendum in Srpska would lead to ethnic conflicts.

The Srpska president recalled that the calling of the referendum sought to reform the BiH state level judiciary.

What was imposed by the high representative, said Dodik, has to be adjusted to the needs of everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina, adhering to the country’s constitutional structure in the process.

“If we can change a few laws in BiH, then the goal is achieved and there is no need for a referendum,” he said.

Dodik said that his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and the Croatian Democratic Party (HDZ) have very good cooperation. “The SNSD and HDZ have a balanced approach to all open issues, from the Sejdic-Finci ruling, to the coordination mechanism, to reform issues.”

President Dodik pointed out that the Reform Agenda is expected to be implemented even though it is full of flaws as it failed to encompass a number of monetary and fiscal measures that are necessary to stabilise the country and boost its progress.

According to Dodik, the Reform Agenda is just a ‘decorative’ document meant to soothe the vanity of those who wrote it and tried to portray it as a breakthrough.

“There can be no breakthrough if you do not react to the fact that the EU prints between 60 billion euros and 1200 billion euros per month and that this will inevitably devalue the currency. The fact that the convertible mark is tied to the euro should make people in BiH think about how to deal with monetary issues, instead of just leaving it to the foreigners,” said Dodik.

The SNSD does not intend to deal with government reshuffle either at the BiH state level or the Srpska level, with institutions stable and working in full capacity in the latter.

“When it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its governmental structure, there are gridlocks, the government has not demonstrated any ability. We don’t want to enter that government as a filler. The SNSD will join the government if it has partners that will work on strategic issues. When Sarajevo politicians realise that political representatives of other peoples come to Sarajevo with views that need to be respected, then things will move forward. Unlike what they are doing with the Serbian Democratic Party, SDS, which they persuaded to be part of the policy of Bakir Izetbegovic and his clans in BiH. That is only temporary and characteristic of a loser,” said Dodik.

Srpska politicians go to Sarajevo, Dodik said, to represent Republika Srpska and to have the bodies at the BiH state level come together.

“We don’t have Serb institutional representatives the BiH state level, only representatives of some parties who are not working in the interest of Republika Srpska. Should we get to the point where we can deal with issues important for Republika Srpska within the BiH structures – we will take part. It doesn’t matter which Bosniaks are in office there. We were there when the SDA was in power and it wasn’t an obstacle to us to pursue the policy that was in the interest of Republika Srpska,” underlined Dodik.

Dodik met with HDZ leader Dragan Covic in Mostar on Friday.

If the referendum takes place after all, Dodik said that the National Assembly would then pass the necessary laws to clearly state the will of the people in Republika Srpska.

Source: SRNA


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