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Srpska Will Report Inzko for Ignoring Wahhabis


President of the Serbian Club of the House of Representatives in the BiH Parliament Nenad Stevandić said that the Republic of Srpska would report High Representative for BiH Valentin Inzko to the UN Security Council for ignoring Wahhabi and extremist movements in BiH.

– For years, Inzko has been ignoring potential terrorism in BiH, where all BiH citizens are potential targets, and on the other hand, has been reporting on a verbal tort / Serbian Presidency member Milorad / Dodik – Stevandić said on Inzko’s announcement that he would sue the Republic of Srpska Security Council UN for declaring that it is a state.

He told the Večernje Novosti today that Dodik has said a hundred times that the Republic of Srpska is a state, including all politicians in Srpska.

– Our perception of the Republic of Srpska is that it is a state. We feel it. We know very well what constitutional order of BiH is and that it is a completely different issue – says Stevandić.

According to him, no one from Srpska expects Inzko to love the Republic of Srpska and recognize Republic Day, and even if he came to the celebration on January 9, one would know that he did not love her.

– This is his problem, not the problem of the Republic of Srpska – Stevandić added.

SNSD Presidency member Dušanka Majkić said that Inzko had never shown the slightest desire to align his attitudes toward the two entities in BiH and that he had always made statements by saying that he was on the side of Bosniaks and that he was no longer hiding it.

She added that the last Inzko reaction to Republic Day was a bad message, and said that the Republic of Srpska was not a country in the sense of what Inzko considered it to be, but that it was seen by the citizens of Srpska.

– She’s a republic, and a republic is a state, whether he likes it or not. When deciding whether the Republic is a state, Inzko will certainly not decide that- Majkić said.

Deputy Speaker of the Republika Srpska Parliament, Milan Petković, said that although it is not recognized as a state, Srpska has all the characteristics of the state and this cannot be disputed.

He estimated that Inzko’s role in BiH was not to be a lawsuit, which would sue what was happening in BiH, because the international community clearly sees if it wants to, what the situation is in BiH.

– Nobody here violated the Dayton Agreement for Republic Day, especially if it is said that Srpska has elements of the state. The Republic of Srpska Day was celebrated before the Inzko, and it will surely be celebrated after his departure from BiH – Petković said.


Source: RTRS


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