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Srpska’s government will adopt a new regulation


The Government of Srpska will adopt a new regulation with the same contents, it will be titled “regulation” and no one will stop the Government in doing so, said the President of Srpska Milorad Dodik after the the Constitutional Court of BiH abolished the Decision on verifying the accuracy and truthfulness of data when applying for permanent residence in Srpska.

“Their plan will not succeed. Here /in Republika Srpska/ nobody will apply without clear data stating who he or she is, where they are from”, Dodik told the reporters.

The Srpska President stated that two Muslim and three foreigner members of the BiH Constitutional Court voted in favor of abolishing the Decision, adding that this is BiH showing its incompetence on the issue.

Dodik emphasized that irrespectively of how many times Komsic and Izetbegovic complain and how many times the BiH Constitutional Court abolishes this Decision, the Government of Srpska will continue to adopt new ones.


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