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Srpska’s policy – rejecting joining NATO


President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik said that  Republika Srpska must be united on the issue of the registration of military property and underlines that policy will be to reject the idea of Bosnia and Herzegovina joining NATO.

Dodik told the press in Trebinje that the earlier policy regarding NATO was a result of a consensus – that joining was not an option – and expressed the belief that all political parties in Srpska today held the same view.

He recalled that NATO got involved in the property issue and now has a direct influence on the Constitutional Court of BiH, an institution without any constitutional or legal grounds, to render the decisions and judgements that are nothing but detrimental to Republika Srpska. 

“We are getting closer to the point and the need to decide whether we will vote on joining NATO now, in the autumn, in the spring, or same later year. 
It is now time for everyone in Srpska to rally around this important issue, asserting that those who avoid coming together about the policy of rejecting NATO will show their true colours and the policy of loyalty to the Alliance and the West. NATO bombed us with depleted uranium and meddled not just as a military but also as a political organisation into Bosnia and Herzegovina’s internal matters; now we have a very visible and burning example of the property in Han Pijesak and everything that happened in court,” said Dodik.

He said he did not know if there were any records anywhere of NATO welcoming an internal court decision. 

“In the time to come I will work together with my associates to explain to the people what this is all about. This is an on-going devastation of Republika Srpska, its status and its rights,” said the president of Republika Srpska.

He went on to add: “We are talking about hidden, permanent and open attacks on Republika Srpska and there’s not a single attack that would go ignored.” 

“All these attacks, both big and small, are equally dangerous and that’s why they have to be dismissed, which is why our policy will be to reject joining NATO,” concluded Dodik.



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