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Srpska’s projects – Serbia’s priorites


The Ambassador of Serbia to BiH, Aleksandar Đorđević, said on Tuesday in East Sarajevo that Republika Srpska would be Serbia’s priority in every project, of which Serbia would take special care.

During his first visit to the East Sarajevo City Administration since he has taken office at the end of last year, Đorđević stressed he would make an effort to raise the cooperation between the Serbian Embassy and Republika Srpska institutions to an even higher level.

Đorđević and East Sarajevo Mayor Nenad Vuković discussed numerous issues of mutual interest as well as the continuation of cooperation.

They expressed satisfaction with the fact that a series of projects had been implemented in East Sarajevo and throughout Republika Srpska that had been financially assisted by Serbia.

Vuković said that during a visit by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to East Sarajevo in September 2017, projects had been agreed, some of which had been completed and some of which were still being implemented.

According to him, the upcoming projects, which are expected to be aided by Serbia, will be discussed at a meeting planned to be held in May in Bijeljina that will also be attended by a delegation of this city.

“The City of East Sarajevo left its municipalities to nominate projects they think they are the best,” Vuković told reporters, adding that the City will lobby for as many projects as possible.

He said that traffic infrastructure in Pale Municipality had been built with Serbia’s aid, that a sports hall was being built in Trnovo Municipality, and that a city square named after Serbia was being built in East New Sarajevo Municipality.

Vuković said that the Serbian Ambassador had been informed of historical facts in connection with the City of East Sarajevo and the Serbian people from Sarajevo.

“It is very important to help us transfer the truth about Serbs in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo to Serbia as well, so we also discussed models of our future cooperation,” Vuković stressed.

They also discussed very good cooperation in culture and sports, noting that excellent sports ties resulted in having Serbia’s national sports teams train on Mount Jahorina, organizing numerous camps and everything else that represent close, friendly and brotherly relations between Serbia and Republika Srpska.

Vuković announced that East Sarajevo would host the opening of a traditional bicycle race through Serbia from where the first stage will start across Jarhorina to Priboj. He hopes relevant institutions will help with this event so that it could be raised to a higher level.


Source: srna


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