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“Standard” Employs 100 Workers, Everything They Produce Is Exported to “Ikea”


The furniture factory “Standard” from Prnjavor, with 290 employees, plans to employ another 100 workers by mid-year. They plan to increase production by 30 percent.

Everything they produce is exported to Sweden’s Ikea. Shelves, tables, shoes, dining tables are just part of the production program.

They are introducing a new product, a coffee table, and they intend to employ at least 100 workers to realize that plan.

“We have incredibly large orders. We are very fortunate to see that this is a great opportunity to make the most of the investments we made last year in varnishes and storage facilities,” says Edin Dacić, president of the Assembly of the Furniture Factory “Standard” Prnjavor.

The plan is to produce 500 coffee tables daily, which is more than 100,000 a year.

“No products have come here yet without being mastered, so we have no doubt that we will master this new product, which takes between 25 and 30 percent of our total production. This is really a product that we expect a lot from,” points out Technical Director Dragoljub Todorić.

Job opportunities are open to professionals as well as those who would like to be trained in machine work. Employees are satisfied.

“It is not difficult, I have been working for six years. I am the manager of one line. The conditions are good, the salaries are regular and everything is fine,” said worker Radenko Aničić.

The factory has been working with Ikea for 20 years. EUR 11 million has been invested, and in the past three years, about six million KM have been purchased in the procurement of equipment.

“In the previous year, the company invested 1.1 million KM in equipment, various machines and new warehouses. The company regularly invests each year in training and education of personnel,” added Aleksandra Repić, manager of environmental and ISO sustainability.

Last year they produced furniture worth 24 million marks and the plan for this year is 30 million.

He will also reward the best worker this year with a new car, which is one way of motivating employees.




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