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Stanković: Attack on Serb elderly woman is last straw


Bogoljub Stanković, the head of the Return to Vozuća Association, says the attack on Serb returnee Ljeposava Petković in Stošnica outside Vozuća is the last straw, noting the federal police are responsible for the security situation.

Stanković told SRNA that after this morning’s incident he spoke with Petković and that he was heading towards her.

“These are now lives at risk. These are no longer break-ins and robberies, i.e. individual incidents, as the Zavidovići police previously interpreted,” added Stanković.

He has mentioned he also visited Petković after the attempted break into her house in the early hours of November while she was staying there, and expressed his dissatisfaction that the police had not yet shed light on the case and identified and sanctioned the perpetrators.

“It was a house burglary. I am not an expert to interpret it legally, but it cannot be treated only as an incident,” Stanković pointed out.

He said that the police previously had an outpost in that area, which was abolished, and pointed out that this morning’s attack was a continuation of bad messages for the sustainable return of Serbs to the Federation of BiH.

Stanković stated that only nine elderly women returned to the broader area of Stošnica.

“The FBiH authorities are aware of the elderly people, mostly women, are in question here, who are powerless and without protection,” Stanković said.

A Serb returnee to Stošnica outside Vozuća Ljeposava Petković /aged 77/ was beaten around 2:00 a.m. in her family house after two people broke in with an ax and threatened to kill her.


Source: srna.rs


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