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State of emergency introduced in Serbia after 48 people contracted coronavirus


Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday night that the state of emergency was introduced in the whole of the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, N1 reported.

The Government, Vucic said, would precise the set of measures. He pleaded with the older population to stay at home and younger relatives not to visit them for the time being.

As of Monday, all pre-school institutions, schools and the faculties will be closed until the end of the school year.

Also, there wouldn’t be any practices and gyms would be closed as well. The army will be on guard outside the hospitals and will be deployed on the borders.

Vucic warned that the European Union’s promise to help was just a promise, and the only country which aided Serbia was China.

He said that five million masks were to arrive from China, and a new quantity of respirators was also on their way to Serbia. He added that the measures would be adjusted daily and that those who violate the rules of the state of emergency would immediately be sentenced to three years in prison.

Vucic said that only Serbs and Chinese doctors and others who could help would be allowed to enter Serbia.

He warned the Serbs living abroad not to come for the Easter holiday, saying they would have to be in isolation if came.

Those coming from the most hit countries would have to be in 28 days of isolation. Depending on their health situation, it could be either quarantine or home isolation.

The President said that two people were on respirators with worsening health situation.

Earlier, the Government of Serbia decided to halt the export of basic groceries and sanitizers, telling citizens that there is sufficient stock and that they do not need to stockpile the groceries at home.


Source: n1.rs


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